There must come a time in a person’s life when the precipice upon which they stand no longer feels adequate to sustain them – literally, physically, emotionally.

Waking up the morning of November 9th, the precipice upon which I lived my life, felt this way.  I couldn’t comprehend the decision that had been made.  Our country had decided a new path, one based on populism and fiery, negative, rhetoric.

I had vowed before the election that had this choice, the United States now faces, come to pass, I would not be able to sit still and simply accept it as our destiny.

I vowed that I would take action. It had been years since I had personally gotten involved, but the thought rang in my ears and echoed in my dreams to the point that I had no choice.

Not For Us Alone was born.  It was born to try and bridge the chasm that exists in America through healthy debate and sharing of news, statistics, stories, posts, blogs, comments, that would offer the opportunity for citizens who are interested to try and understand one another.  I did not want another echo chamber and welcome, believe me, opposing views that are delivered with deft hands, intelligence, passion, patience, and respect.

Please come and share this experience with us.  Share an article. Check out our library for articles and facts. Review our links to contact Representatives or Senators in Congress.  Find an agency in the U.S. Government.  Learn some historical facts. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Let yourself have permission to be a part of our grand experiment.  We may not agree but we are all Americans.

It is not for us alone.  America will continue only based upon what we put into it.